He is the early riser. She is the night owl.

She prefers big cities. He is a beach boy.

He plays guitar, piano, drums. She can’t carry a tune.

She cuts the front yard. He cuts the back.

Our love began over sixteen years ago as high school sweethearts. We make lots of decisions based on who wins rock, paper, scissors. We’re just as happy hiking the mountains of Virginia as we are riding an elephant in Thailand. When we’re driving in separate cars, we say “I love you” by briefly flashing our hazard lights at each other. We are mommy and daddy to a fat cat and a baby boy on the way! Together, we share a love for life and experiencing it together.

We are best friends. We are business partners. We make each other better.


Nine Years. One Month.

In honor of our nine-year wedding anniversary today, I thought it’d be fun to put together a quick instagram

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