One of my favorite things about our business is the opportunity it allows us to reconnect with people. It’s not every day I get to say I’ve “known the groom” since elementary school. When I heard Jim was getting married, I was so flattered when he and his new fiancé Caroline wanted us to be a part of their day. We truly adore this couple and feel so fortunate and grateful to have been the ones to tell their story. When Caroline was getting ready the morning of their wedding, she told me that the evening she and Jim met at a fundraising event hosted by Jim’s law firm (she worked at a law firm directly across the street), she knew right away that we were going to date even though they had barely spoken to one another. It was so easy to see why both they and their families knew right away that they were meant to be together when they started dating six months later. There is just something so natural, so old-fashioned in the way they love each other. Where chivalry and romantic gestures like random love notes are the norm and not the exception. A few of our favorite parts about their day:

+ On their first date, Jim slipped a secret note into Caroline’s purse. This note was turned into the cocktail napkin for their wedding weekend.

+ Jim’s toast was hands down the best toast from a groom, EVER.

+ As VCU alumi, we’ve always dreamed of filming at Cathedral of the Sacred Heart. It did not disappoint.

+ The respect and love Jim and Caroline have for each other. It is so inspiring and such a beautiful thing to witness.

Congratulations, Jim and Caroline! We couldn’t be happier for you guys!

Ceremony: Cathedral of the Sacred Heart
Reception: Commonwealth Club | Richmond, VA
Planning: Glint Events
Lighting: Lighting Professors
Floral Design: Strawberry Fields Flowers and Finds
Photography: Adam Barnes
Hair and Makeup: Avenue 42 Style Studio
Cake: Pearl’s Cupcake Shoppe
Band: Trademark
Cuisine: Commonwealth Club
Officiant: Monsignor Patrick Golden, Rector of the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart

To see even more details from Jim and Caroline’s day, check out these film stills below.


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Ceremony and Reception: Hermitage Museum and Gardens | Norfolk, VA
Floral Design: Isha Foss Design
Photography: Eleise Theuer
DJ: Danny Gray | Astro Entertainment
Band: Kaboombox
Officiant: Judy Cobb
Rolls Royce: Royal Coach
Calligraphy: Coming Soon

To see even more details from Caroline and Zach’s day, check out these film stills below.

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I can’t tell you how excited Justin and I were to finally meet Adrianne and Jon and be a part of their unforgettable wedding in Ft. Lauderdale last month. Several months before Jon had proposed to Adrianne, a friend had shared one of our wedding films with her online. I’m so thankful that over their 3 year engagement, Adrianne continued to follow our work. And when they finally had the details in place, she wrote the sweetest email telling me she had been waiting years to reach out. Can we talk about all the feels?!

Seven years prior, Jon and Adrianne were just coworkers. Their desks faced one another and every day, they got to know each other more and more. Around the time they met, Adrianne had put in transfer papers to move to Florida where her family was living. So in the process of packing to move, she was also developing a strong friendship with Jon. Adrianne told me, “Somewhere between the laughs, dancing and the long conversations we fell in love.” So when Jon took her to lunch and asked her to stay, she said yes. They chose the Bonnet House, a 35-acre private estate, as the perfect backdrop for their wedding. It’s hard to describe the Bonnet House as anything less than magical – it’s hard to even believe it’s located right in the middle of a major city. One of our favorite moments from the day was Jon’s emotional reaction to Adrianne walking down the palm-tree lined aisle. I wish I could have included the entire processional in their film for this reason alone! Their love is so effortless and we are so honored to share their story with you!

Planning and Floral Design: Event Bliss
Venue: Bonnet House Museum | Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Guitarist: Juan Areco

To see even more from Adrianne and Jon’s day, check out these film stills below.

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In honor of our nine-year wedding anniversary today, I thought it’d be fun to put together a quick instagram video of highlights from 2016. Up until a few minutes before throwing this film together last night, I honestly had no plans to share any of our birth footage. Although I’ll be FOREVER grateful to Justin’s cousin Melissa for being there with us to not only film but to be an active part of my labor, Rowen’s birth was nothing like I had anticipated. I was very naive and selfish to think I’d have this picture perfect delivery since I worked out my entire pregnancy and had had a very easy, healthy pregnancy. After witnessing so many births, I just knew we’d have this beautiful video to share of Rowen being born, being placed on my chest, and the three of us sharing what would be one of the most special moments of our lives together. Over the course of 32 hours, we learned that God had much different plans for us.

I wasn’t the one with the crazy ten-page birth plan – I just wanted delayed cord cutting, to breast feed exclusively, and to not have a c-section. So making the decision to have a c-section after painfully pushing for over 3 hours was one of the hardest decisions of my life. Rowen was sunny side up and and even though I felt strong enough to continue pushing I just knew he wasn’t progressing enough to continue putting him at risk, especially since there was meconium staining when they broke my water. In a matter of minutes, I was on an operating table with tears flowing. In the process of getting me set up for his delivery, Rowen’s heart rate plummeted. I’ve never been so scared in my entire life. I remember the quickness of everyone prepping me as they continuously called out his heart rate, which up until we reached the OR and it regulated again was in the 60s. I just remember the entire experience as feeling so unbelievably surreal. In just minutes, the entire plan I had for my son’s birth had completely changed. I was so sad that this was his birth story. That strangers would see him before me. That I wouldn’t get to hold him immediately. I was also so scared. Scared for his health and how this c-section would effect our bonding. Scared to finally meet him. But oh God so happy that we would FINALLY MEET HIM. The moment I heard him cry was the happiest moment of my entire life. I remember the look in Justin’s eyes as he continuously looked from my face to my belly to my face to my belly as they struggled to get Rowen out. He was so far down in my birth canal that they had a very hard time getting him back up enough to be pulled out. I remember Justin saying, he’s beautiful. He’s a big boy. And yes, he was a 22 inch, 9lbs 8oz big boy. I had to wait 20 minutes (aka an eternity) before I got to see his beautiful face for the first time. And even longer before I got to hold him. But those moments, as unexpected as they were, were his birth story and will still be the happiest moments of our lives. Happy one month baby boy. And happy nine years love of my life. Cheers to a truly unforgettable 2016.

And yes, the first clip is about 10 seconds after Justin found out I was pregnant. His reaction will always be my favorite.

And here’s some of my favorite images from myself and my talented friends Katie Nesbitt and Shannon Moffit.

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I don’t think there is anything quite as romantic as a destination wedding in Europe, especially when it’s the wedding of two of your dear friends. We met Ryan through mutual friends in college, but it wasn’t until after graduation that Ryan and Justin became close. I vividly remember the night out at Cha’s Cha’s in Richmond when Ryan pointed Hella out to us as the girl he was essentially chasing. Now years later knowing Hella and the amazing woman she is, I can definitely understand why Ryan had to work as hard as he did to gain her attention. Luckily for all of us who were a part of their fairytale wedding, Ryan never gave up in his pursuit of Hella, even if it took him over a year to make her realize his sincerity.

A few months after Ryan proposed to Hella at the Palace of Versailles, Hella suggested the idea of getting married in a castle somewhere in Europe.  Hella is from Belgium so the idea sounded only somehwat crazy to Ryan. Realizing how special it would be, they both agreed to do the wedding in the Netherlands at Chateau Neercanne, a castle built in the late 17th century on the Dutch and Belgian border.  Being that Hella’s father is Dutch and her mother is Belgian, this seemed to be the perfect location.

When they told us they were getting married in the Netherlands, we knew it was going to be a dream. The ceremony was officiated by their longtime family friend Floor in the stunning lower gardens, incorporating personal promises that, knowing Ryan and Hella, would surely involve food, animals, and the Baltimore Orioles. Justin was a groomsman so big thanks to our friend Ben for helping me film during the ceremony. During dinner, Hella’s dad sang songs from her childhood and gifted them with traditional Dutch wooden clogs that they were  immediately tasked to dance in. Following dinner, when we weren’t roaming the wine cellar or sneaking off to Belgium (or of course snacking on frites), we were dancing for hours in the limestone caves in …yes I said, caves. Of all the special moments from the day, Ryan and Hella told me that their favorite moment was shortly after the ceremony, when they stood up on the steps to greet everyone and saw just how many of their friends and family that had traveled so far to share in their special day. We are so thankful to have been a part of that group and so thankful we could create this film to help our friends remember their incredible day for the rest of their lives together.

Planning: Fabuloes Weddings
Photography: Ruud Fotografie
Ceremony and Reception: Château Neercanne
Floral Deisgn: De Rozengaard
Beauty: Sumeya Hamie
DJ: Artistic Productions
Officiant: Family Friend | Floor Meijer
To see more from Hella and Ryan’s day, check out these film stills below.

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